Catch a Huge Gar with Girl Fishing Lake Lanierby Judah Clark   6 years ago


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I took my girlfriend at the time out to Lake Lanier for her first time lake fishing and we managed to catch a really big Spotted Gar as well as a few smaller fish but this one was by far the most exciting. We were using Blue Back Herring with a #1 hook and 17lb leader. I let the bait out about 30 feet and then added a split shot weight. I then let out another 30 feet and the attached the line to a planer board and had that out around 75 feet back. The area just north of Clarks Bridge is loaded with gar right now.

Music by Kevin MacLeod Tracks: Mystery Sting, AngloZulu & Guiton Sketch

Sexy Hot Girl Fishing Lake Lanier Catch A Huge Gar