Liposuction / Lipo Procedure with Dr. William Hall - Andrea: Calves, Ankles and Kneesby Infini Cosmetic Associates   8 years ago



Dr. Hall performs calve, ankle and knee liposuction / lipo. Dr. William Hall Of Infini Cosmetic Associates 7473 East Osborn Road | Scottsdale, AZ 85251 | 480-946-7100

Liposuction of the calves and ankles are often viewed by most experienced surgeons as two of the most difficult areas to perform surgery on. It is for this reason that most clinics and physicians turn patients away for these particular areas. Unless a surgeon does a lot of procedures on these particular areas it is virtually impossible to get excellent reproducible results. Calves and ankles are very small and tight fitting areas as compared to the rest of the body. It is for this reason that they are very unforgiving and require exact surgical precision and the use of micro-liposuction instrumentation. If the liposuction surgeon is used to doing mostly larger areas of the body, then they often will not possess the proper small instruments to accurately sculpt the lower leg including the calves and ankles.
When a surgeon has the confidence, experience and equipment liposuction of these areas can be performed with amazing reproducible results. Here at Infini cosmetic associates I actually began doing calves and ankles back in the year 2000. These are areas that I thoroughly enjoy sculpting and I routinely do surgery on patients that other surgeons don't feel comfortable performing the procedure on. When performing liposuction on the calves and ankles it is of the utmost importance for a surgeon to have patience and finesse. It is common for surgeons to become frustrated when working in such small areas and with such small instruments and they often times try to employ the same tactics that are used when doing larger body areas. This is a big mistake and leads to irregular skin areas and unhappy patients. The other important part of getting excellent results when doing lipo in these areas is to have an awake patient. Here at Infini we do the procedure entirely under local anesthesia so our patients are totally awake so that we can stand them up and work in a proper position to get the most reliable end result.
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