3D Simo Mini Art + Review: 3D Drawing, Soldering, Burning, & Cuttingby Official Rainbow Girl   2 years ago


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This multi-purpose 3d pen does 3d drawing, soldering, burning & cutting! Big Christmas Box Edition!
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PRO / CON list Below + Click here for my 3d Simo Blog: http://officialrainbowgirl.com/3d-simo-mini-review/

- Multipurpose tool! 3d drawing, soldering metal, burning wood, and cutting foam! All in one!
- Wireless and Wired: Rechargeable Power pack (battery) use it either plugged in or with no wires
- Control the settings with your smartphone! Iphone, android, and windows phone app – easy to use
- Temperature control and programmable presets
- Power cord is long (very important as it doesn’t get in the way)
- Pen is thin, light, and easy to hold without touching the hot parts (very important)
- Use 10+ different types of plastic (not just ABS and PLA like most 3d printing pens)
- Comes with lots of extras! Holder for all your pen tips and pen, guides, wood stencils, extra plug
- Heats up fast, works great, easy to learn how to use!

-When in 3d drawing mode the pen makes a constant humming sound
-3d pen plastic comes out a little thinner, similar to Lix pen (not as thick as 3doodler, or Scribbler)
-I had 1 issue where new plastic wouldn’t go into the pen (I was able to fix it by twisting the plastic)
-Sometimes you need to close the phone app and reopen it to control the pen when changing pen tips.
-European plug with US adapter which is a little loose (works fine but would rather have a US plug)


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