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Porsche Cayman with Mark Cowne at Goodwood - 16 July 2010.

Fastest laps ever for the car were achieved primarily as a result of Autofarm's most recent modifications to our car which included a new Remus exhaust system and a full ECU remap.

Remus have developed a brand new exhaust to fit the new series Cayman and, to the best of our knowledge, this is the first of the cars in the UK to get the exhaust. With the better exhaust flow the car recorded on the dyno an increase of 23 bhp over the factory standard plus an improvement of 26Nm in torque. Whilst the exhaust gives a far deeper and much 'throatier' growl than the standard Porsche sports exhaust it, surprisingly, was 3db quieter than the previous exhaust's 104db on the static test.

The ECU remap added quite a lot too. Whilst the standard ECU setup from Porsche is designed to be as reasonably ecologically friendly and fuel efficient as possible without overly reducing performance the new setup concentrates a bit more on the performance side of things. The increased power was very noticeable going from 343bhp (with Remus) to 363 bhp and the torque increased to 429Nm.

The combination of the two modifications has turned this Cayman from being a wonderful, balanced car into an amazing performer. In terms of bhp per kg it is now kilo for kilo better than the standard Carrera and the Carrera S and in terms of torque weight for weight is higher than all Porsches (including the GT3 RS) other than the Turbo.

The extra bhp has boosted the cars acceleration between bends dramatically and where we were hitting 125mph before we are now hitting 135mph. The torque boost has enable us got hold 4th gear now where, in some places, we were previously having to drop to 3rd. The overall improvement in lap times is pretty close to 10 seconds per lap and is now only 5 seconds per lap slower than a very tuned GT3 with a more experienced driver.

Driving the car to and from the track was a pleasure. The exhaust note now is a deep rumble but not noisy. The power band is widened and, with the improved torque, 6th can be selected from much lower speeds.