Daytona USA 2001 (Sega Dreamcast) - All Cars (in 60fps)by MrThunderwing   4 years ago


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Again, just for fun, a demonstration of all available cars in Daytona USA 2001 for the Sega Dreamcast, here being played on DEMUL, the Dreamcast (and so much more) emulator.

This game gets a bit of a hard time because of it's controls, and indeed back when I first got it for my Dreamcast I found it too hard to play using a Dreamcast pad. I actually had the Japanese version which didn't allow you to change the sensitivity of your steering in the same way the western version do. Oddly enough, I actually picked up that version of the game from a market seller in Bangkok for only a couple of quid back in 2001 and when I got it home I was amazed to find it worked on my European Dreamcast without any issues. I'd convinced myself it wouldn't work, but as it only cost a couple of quid wasn't too bothered if I'd been sold a coaster.

Anyway, I digress. The point I wanted to make is that I've started to develop a bit of a new found appreciation for this game now that I can play it with my Logitech Driving Force GT wheel on my PC using DEMUl. It actually plays pretty well without having to change any of the default sensitivity settings. Well, the normal cars do anyway. I've always wanted to like Daytona USA 2001 more than I actually did back in the day. It's a great looking game and I've always liked the big chunky car models (although not as much as the proper Model 2 ones), the blue skies and the fact it runs at 60fps. I think the designs of the extra cars are cool also and I think the 'normal' ones fit very well with the Daytona aesthetic. Some of the additional bonus cars are a bit out there though. I don't really get what the deal is with the Rule of the 9th and The Javelin and The Unicorn both have such low grip settings to me they both feel practically un-steerable as it's just so easy to start skidding and lose control - even on corners where you haven't even gone near the brakes. I like the Red Cat though, it feels quite similar to the Hornet handling-wise.

The Music in the game is quite iffy. The tunes for the standard three Daytona stages are fine, but the new ones vary from sounding bland to just rubbish. It's a real shame they didn't keep the music for the two Championship Circuit Edition tracks from the game of the same name they came from. They were excellent.