Why You Want Eight Frame Hive Bodies And Ceracell Top Feeders... Spiders!!by 628DirtRooster Bees   9 months ago


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Big thanks to Ceracell Beekeeping Supply for sponsoring this video and for sending over this great equipment for us to share with you in an effort to help make you more knowledgeable and better informed in your beekeeping endeavors and equipment purchases.

Ceracell is a New Zealand company and for now that is where these eight frame feeders are shipping out of but they plan to have them in the US soon. For the time being shipping might be a little pricey. Their ten frame top feeders are currently available Stateside through Blythewood Bee Company.

Today I finally got a few minutes to open the bee filled nightstand that my brother and I picked up at the auction last month. I was a little surprised by what we found. The hive inside the bottom drawer was about half the size of what I expected to find and while really healthy it was loaded with small hive beetles. Due to the fact this was a pretty healthy hive they had all the beetles cornered and were keeping them off the brood but there were literally hundreds of them. Thankfully there was a good queen and there were no visible signs of varroa or disease. Now that they are in manageable equipment we can help them control the beetles.

We ended up cutting out probably a good pint of cured honey for my friend David to take home. Maybe only a cup of honey got left on the brood combs for the bees but they will get a Ceracell top feeder with 1:1 sugar water to help kick start their rebuild before the goldenrod comes in bloom down here.

These bees will be transferred into the new eight frame Ceracell equipment and then will be gifted to a friend who is a super bee lover and has kept some of my bees at their house for several years now.

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