Sense - Yoshke Fort Avekby sasha365i   10 years ago


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Sense - Yoskhe - Yiddish

Koyf mir nit keyn lokenes
Un makh mir nit sheyn
Koyf dir a por shtivelekh
Du darfst tsum priziv geyn

Yoshke, Yoshke, oy vey
Yoshke fort avek
Nokh a sho un nokh a sho
Der poyezd geyt avek

Klog zhe nit un veyn zhe nit
S'iz altzding oy blote
Ikh vel zayn in militer
Der Shenster in der rote

Oy oy oy
Yoshke fort avek
Nokh a kush un nokh a kush
Der poyezd geyt avek

Do not buy me and lockets
Do not make me look pretty
Buy yourself a pair of boots
Because you are in the army now

Yoshke is going away
Another hour, just one hour and his train will be off

Do not grieve for me
Do not cry over me
It is nothing
When I get to the army
I shall be the best soldier in my company

oy oy oy
Yoshke is going away.
Just one more kiss
And the train will be off

** The lyrics do not quite match. But the general idea of the song is the same.