Group Picture Horror Short filmby jjtgg. igadlr   5 years ago


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They say that when a person experienced a near death experience, he/ she has the ability to communicate with spirits. Johan, a third year high school student encountered a car accident which made her communicate with spirits. Unfortunately, the spirit has been attached to her which caused interference to her life. The spirit named "Romina" holds a grudge at her friends because she believe that they betrayed her. This lead her to sell her soul to a demon which caused to the birth of a curse which affected the life of their group until they all mysteriously disappeared. Many years later, Johan was born and became a high school student. Her accident became a doorway to the spirit of Romina to attached itself to her. And as the heir of Romina, she became the medium for the curse to repeat itself.

This is our pioneer video. A filipino project when we were third year high school students.

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