The $6,000 Beekeeping Mistake and The Melted Bee Suit Storyby 628DirtRooster Bees   1 year ago


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This is my brother if you couldn't tell. Once every couple of months when I'm passing through his area I have the opportunity to help him with a beekeeping project or two. It's usually when I'm returning home from a road trip and pass by him around quitting time that he ropes me into something which is why we end up working in the dark about half the time. He runs a lot more colonies than I do and also has other full time work on top of that just as I do so I pitch in when I can. He is very good about doing the same when he's in my area. As a bonus you can probably tell we are very close and enjoy each other's company. We crack jokes and make fun of people like a couple of pros. That being said, the sad but hilarious stories you'll hear in this video are completely true and have not in the least been embellished for entertainment value. I've personally heard both stories from the people who were involved in each of the incidents. As funny as they are they are also a bit embarrassing so I'll keep the involved parties identities private especially in regards to the $6,000 beekeeping mistake of burning up a box of mated queens. The guy who set himself on fire actually told me his story on video but I'm not sure he knew I was recording so I'll have to talk with him if I ever decide to use that footage. He Pretty much only melted the veil of his bee suit. He is OK and was not injured. He temporarily repaired his bee suit with a little bit of screen and I think he's still using it. I hope you enjoy our clowning around and also get a bit of useful hive split information out of this video.

I get a lot of messages from people who say they want to get into beekeeping but can't because they don't have the room or the land or whatever. This video is a pretty good example of what you can do on other people's land and most of the time at little or no cost. Usually a nice contribution of honey or the promise of that when you do extract will buy you a good spot to live your dream.

I've gotten a couple of bee suit questions lately in regards to which one I like best. I prefer the Guardian Bee Apparel jacked which is not what I was wearing in this video. You may be able to tell that the veil of the jacket I had on in this video was pretty much touching my face. I have to wear a hat to keep the screen off my nose and my beard keeps it off my chin. Even with that I still get stung on the chin through it once in a while. I have no such problem with the Guardian veil. You can go through the following link for a Guardian Bee Apparel suit or jacket.

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