Powerful BJJ Mount Escape (Tunnel Escape)- Firas Zahabiby Tristar Gym   4 years ago


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In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the bottom position can quickly turn offensive. In this video I opted to escape to a leg lock situation but you can just as easily escape back to full guard. I prefer the leg lock attacks since I feel it is a superior position to Guard. I like to attack with leg lock that will either end the match or allow me to achieve top control.

When stuck in the mount position you better know your escapes well if you want to escape fast. A good and powerful escape will get you back in the game. Take to long to escape and risk defeat.

There are many ways to escape the bottom position, in this video I demonstrate how to use the elbow escape vs an opponent who is trapping you legs with his legs and is sprawling low into mount.