Colony Collapse Disorder?? Tongue In Cheek Titleby 628DirtRooster Bees   3 months ago


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We have some really good beekeepers in our clubs as in most areas. If you find yourself in need of mentoring a lot of the time you can find someone like Mr. John if you just ask around. These guys or girls have the knowledge to teach you plus some of them really need the help. These folks won't seek you out so if you want a mentor don't be scared to ask.

If you don't know who Mr. John is or you don't get the tongue in cheek title then go back and watch the rest of the video.

We are not yet going into spring here in south Mississippi as this video is being posted but the bees sense it coming and are preparing accordingly. Drone cells are being produced and pollen is being collected like there's no tomorrow. There is NO colony collapse disorder at the Dirt Rooster ranch. :)

This year we will be shipping queens. They are pure Italian off breeder. I will add them to the store on our web site this week. Orders will be filled and queens shipped in the order they were paid. In other words, first come first serve so keep an eye on the site. I will likely make an announcement in an upcoming video to remind everyone.

As always, we very much appreciate all your support and wish you a very successful bee season.