Surprise Inspection Day at Marshall Space Flight Center With Yappy Beemanby 628DirtRooster Bees   1 year ago


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Recently I was in Huntsville, Alabama and had the pleasure of spending a little time with Yappy Beeman and two other friends out on NASA property where approximately ten honey bee colonies are kept. Yappy dropped in to see me with a surprise inspection day planned at Marshall Space Flight Center. Thad, who ushered us in and who owns the bees, had previously stopped in and met with me in my home town when he was passing through Mississippi about a year ago. Since I was a guest in Yappy's back yard he lined everything up.

Our other guest, Steve, was an old high school mate of mine and my wife's who now lives and works in Huntsville. Funny thing is I only just met him at my wife's thirty year high school reunion. We went to a big school and somehow we never met. He and his wife have been spending time with us and showing hospitality to my wife and I while we're in the area.

My schedule caused Yappy and myself to be really pressed for time in trying to put something fun together for y'all but we had a great time none the less and I hope you'll enjoy what little we were able to record. We did 3/4 inspections on some really nice healthy colonies, we clowned, we got stung and we had a good time. The tight time frame didn't allow for as much video as we would have liked but I'm sharing what we got.

The bees were out away from civilization and we were not really aware of what was going on in the world around us until we were trying to leave. We all knew weather was coming but when we got out to the highway we realized that NASA was being evacuated due to the threat of bad weather including tornadoes. We had a heck of a time getting past traffic going the wrong direction to get to the exit we needed to be at. I somehow miraculously made it to my destination only five minutes late.

The blunt end to this video was not planned that way. It was initially about ten seconds. longer with the rest of that time lapse. It takes so long to finalize and reupload that I decided to just present it as-is. Enjoy

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