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Composer: Gebirtig, Mordkhe (1877-1942)
Lyrics: Gebirtig, Mordkhe (1877-1942)
Language: Yiddish
Categories/Themes: Love

This is a warm song about a young man's love for his Reyzele.
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shteyt zikh dort in gesele,
shtil fartrakht a hayzele.
drinen oyfn boydem-shtibl
voynt mayn tayer rayzele
yedn ovnt farn hayzl
drey ikh zikh arum
kh'gib a fayf un ruf oys:
"rayzl, kum, kum, kum!"

efnt zikh a fentsterl
vakht oyf s'alte hayzele
un bald klingt in shtiln gesl
a zis kol, s'redt rayzele:
-- nokh a vayle vart, mayn liber,
bald vel ikh zayn fray,
gey zikh nokh a por mol iber;
eyns, tsvey, dray.

gey ikh mir a freylekher,
zing un knak mir niselekh,
her ikh oyf di treplekh shpringen
ire drobne fiselekh.
shoyn arop fun letstn trepl,
kh'nem zi lib arum,
kh'gib ir shtil a kush in kepl -
kum kum kum!

kh'vel dir zogn, Dovedl,
zolst aroyf nit fayfn mer.
-- her, er fayft shoyn -- zogt di mame
zi iz frum; s'fardrist zi zeyer.
fayfn, zogt zi, iz nit yidish;
past es bloyz far zay.
gib a tseykhn prost oyf yidish,
eyns, tsvey, dray!

kh'vel aroyf nit fayfn mer;
deroyf gib ikh a shvuele.
dir tsulib vel ikh afile
vern frum, mayn tsnuele
vel ikh vern frum, mayn rayzl,
vi di mame frum,
yedn shabes geyn in klayzl.
kum kum kum!

kh'gloyb es dir mayn libenker,
d'rum dafar dir dovidl
strikh ikh a sheyn tfiln-zekl
mit a mogn-dovidl
ven gefaln s'vet in klayzl
zogn zolst du zay
"dos hot gestrikt mayn libe rayzl
eyns, zvey, dray!"

a dank far der matonele;
ikh lib azoy dikh rayzele,
ikh lib dos gesl, lib di mame,
lib dos alte hayzele.
lib di treplekh fun dem hayzl;
geyst oyf zey arum.
her, di mame ruft shoyn, Rayzl!
kum kum kum.

gey ikh mir a freylekher,
zing un knak mir niselekh,
her ikh af di treplekh loyfn
ire drobne fiselekh.
vider shteyt fartrakht dos gesl,
s'hayzl vider shtum.
kum tsu mir in kholem, reyzl,
kum, kum, kum!

Music and Lyrics: Gebirtig, Mordkhe (1877-1942)
Translation: Anatoly Tsaliovich tsaliovich@mail.com

On a small lane, unawares
Dreams old house lazily,
There, in tiny loft upstairs
Lives my precious Reyzele.
Every evening passing near,
I walk rounds and hum,
Whistle and call: Reyzl, dear,
Come, come, come.

Startled by the window tinkle
Sleepy house wakes to see
How stars in heavens twinkle
When my Reyzl answers me.
Lo, I hear the angels sounds:
Wait, soon Ill be free,
Walk, my love, few more rounds,
One, two, three.

I keep marching glad and happy,
Crack the hazelnuts and sing:
Reyzls little feet are tapping-
Down the stairs with gentle ding.
There she jumps - I hug her now,
Heart beats like a drum,
And I kiss her on the brow:
Come, come, come!
I must tell you, David dear,
Never whistle in my lane.
Mama gets upset - says: Hear,
He is whistling there again.
Whistling, she says, isnt Jewish,,
Others do - not we!
Better signal me in Yiddish:
One, two, three

I will whistle no more.
And for you, my love, I vow
To become a temple goer
And be virtuous, starting now.
Promise I will never bother
You, I shall become
Pious just like your dear mother.
Come, come, come!

I believe you, thanks a million,
And as gift for you Ill knit:
A nice bag to carry tfiln*,
With Magen David on it.
When in temple they will see it
Say Its made for me
By my Reyzl, kind and sweet.
One, two, three.

Thank you for the gift, again
Reyzele I love you deeply,
Love your mama, love this lane,
Love this house with its people.
Love the steep stairs that so easy,
You can overcome.
Hear, your Mama's calls, shes busy:
Come, come, come

Walking home, glad and happy,
I crack hazelnuts and sing;
My dear Reyzls feet are tapping
Up the stairs with gentle ding.
Yet again, the house is dreamy,
Quiet its become,
Reyzl come in dreams to see me,
Come, come, come!