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You can always count on 628 Dirt Rooster for the best/beast natural beauty tips. You can get fuller lips, fuller rosy red cheeks and wrinkle filler with nature's proven method of bee stings and all at the fraction of the cost of those snake oil salesmen and plastic surgeons. Subscribe for more beekeeper beauty tips by 628 Dirt Rooster.

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This hive removal was approximately a quarter of a mile from the shed door hive removal I did in the rain that was posted a couple of weeks ago titled "Bees All Day". I'm not 100% sure the two are related but they sure are close to each other.

I didn't save any of the brood and rehomed them as a swarm. They are doing fine. None of the honey was capped yet so not good for bottling. The home owner took about half to use up as a sweetener. I took the rest to my house to feed these bees and other hives.

I got done a couple of hours before the rain came. This location was approximately five blocks off the beach. Surprisingly there wasn't much of a breeze all day. The lip sting was pretty early on in the removal and yes they do hurt.

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